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Benefits of Installing a Tempered Glass Back Splash

May 22, 2019

The Hard Facts:

Benefits of Installing a Tempered Glass Splashback


Staying in the shadows, splashbacks seem like a no-brainer to have. However, they serve more purpose than you think, and are extremely important.

Among the various materials available, tempered glass splashback doubles up on its duty by delivering both functionality and aesthetics.

It ensures safety, cleanliness, easy maintenance and boosts any kitchen décor.

Check out the advantages of a tempered glass splashback!




Perfectly Practical

Imagine yourself frying up a huge wok of deep-fried food. Suddenly, a sudden wrist jerk causes oil to splatter - all over your new walls, no less.

Another time, when you’re stir-frying your signature Chilli Crab dish, you see red as the sauce splashes onto the wall.

Water marks from washing the dishes and hands can also damage your wall.

That’s where the job of a kitchen splashback comes in. Designed to protect your precious walls from stains, spills, splashes and damage, they work wonders as a protective barrier.

Installing one also prevents water seepage into other areas of the house, especially when combined with sealants.



Tough Love

A tempered glass splashback is an upgrade to regular glass types. That’s because unlike the latter that’s prone to cracking or breaking from impact or high heat, it is much more heat-resistant and sturdy.

This means that you can spend the day cooking away to your heart’s content without worrying about damage to its shape or colour!



Maintenance Made Easy

Tiled splashbacks can have difficult-to-clean grouting. You’d be furiously scrubbing away at those mouldy and greasy narrow lines.

After what seems like forever, you stand back to inspect and get dismayed when you realise that the stubborn stains are still there.

After some time, dirt and grime builds up, resulting in an unsightly look for your new kitchen (not anymore).

Using glass splashbacks gives you ease of cleaning because of the smooth and grout-free layer.

Its easy maintenance makes it a dream to own.



A for Aesthetics

Compared to a plainly tiled or painted wall, a glass kitchen backsplash offers a variety of design selections.

From vivid colours to patterns and materials, everything can be customised to contribute to and upgrade your kitchen’s overall look.

Choosing glass splashbacks, for example, allows you to choose from nearly all types of colours, designs, cut and finishes.

Glass splashbacks ooze a luxurious, high-end look that regular tiles cannot mimic.

Its glossy sheen and clear material scores top points in aesthetics.



Look Long-Term

Think tiled splashbacks are more affordable?

Think again.

The initial cost doesn’t factor in damage, replacements and the effort you’ll spend on cleaning and grumbling away.

So, despite the less costly upfront price of tiles and the comparatively costlier one for glass splashbacks, the long-term benefits of the latter makes it a far more valuable investment.

Take its strength and endurance, as well as its capabilities in consideration.

Replacements and repairs are also unlikely over the short-term. Therefore, its cost-savings exceed that of regular tiled walls.

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