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3 Bombastic Ways to Utilise Bomb Shelter

May 9, 2019

Have a Blast Using Your Bomb Shelter:

3 Bombastic Ways to Utilise It


Apparently, your abomination of a bomb shelter is made to protect you from blast fragments resulting from bombings.

While we’re not sure about the likelihood of that happening anytime soon, it certainly has other uses apart from that.

Check out some thoughtful ways you can use for that extra space!




When space is evidently a luxury and you’ve run out of places to stash your latest purchases, the bomb shelter is a useful space to do that.

Put some shelves or racks inside and voila – your own store room, storage area – whatever you’d like to call it.

With some creativity, you can use the space to its fullest potential: stacking rows of small items on the door, on the walls, and everywhere the eye sees.

Just be sure to arrange them orderly unless you want to suffer fractures from that paint can making a grand entrance on your head; especially so if a bombing really happens!



Walk-in Wardrobe

Picture this: your Louboutins and Givenchy sliders stacked up in a dizzying display of footwear. Your Prada bag and Louis Vuitton lie proudly in another corner.

It’s your very own walk-in wardrobe dream come true.

Adding a cosy, Victorian-inspired armchair and warm lighting to complete the look. What more could a girl ever lust for?

Transform your bomb shelter into a storage solution for your clothes, shoes, bags, hats, sunglasses – you name it. And why not, when you don’t have additional space to hack in a walk-in wardrobe for other rooms?

Why not, when it’s all the space that you need?





A Pet Sanctuary

Don’t be fooled, the air ventilation’s pretty good despite how it looks.

And while we don’t advise shoving your helper in there to stay, consider housing your pets instead. Rather than dragging Toby or Whiskers inside that rusty metal cage, an actual space makes a more luxurious option. 

You can store bags of heavy pet food and bedding that take far too much space inside as well. Lay soft cushions and throws, and you’ll have a comfortable retreat for your furry friends!



Jam in Your Sound Studio

Rock wannabes and aspiring singers can now pitch your best in peace.

Because of the reinforced walls and door, it’s the perfect spot to erect your very own music studio. You can hang music instruments on the wall, place a piano or two with space to spare.

Nobody enjoys bearing the brunt of their neighbour’s angry complaints, so sing your heart out where you’ll be the only receiver.





A Doorway to Worlds Unread

Immerse your child in a limitless world of books through his or her very own library!

Install shelves inside and outside your bomb shelter using sliding feature doors, prop some fluffy pillows, rug, and a plush sofa! Fill the shelves with books of all sorts.

You can also paint the walls with pictures of fairytales, fantasies and more to blend in.

Encourage your child to read from young to develop positive language skills and creativity. Don’t be surprised when you find your little one spending the days there engrossed in reading!




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