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5 Subtle Modifications to Make to Your HDB Bomb Shelter

April 24, 2019

5 Subtle Modifications to Make to Your HDB Bomb Shelter


We get it.

As much as you want your HDB bomb shelter to disappear, you can’t physically hack it or seal it up.

Indeed, it would send any designer into a frenzy as the design atrocity it is.

You’ll have to live with it, but you can make it look more pleasant to the eye.

Here are 5 ways how!


Hide It with a Feature Wall or Door



To conceal it, you can build a feature wall in whichever way you prefer.

You can choose a sliding or swing wall.

For example, it can be used as a bookshelf, display shelf or more.

If your bomb shelter is uniquely situated around the living room space, you can consider hiding it behind a TV feature wall.

If your shelter is located near the entrance, you can also install a pivot door. This can be used as a concealed shoe cabinet for your shoe collection. 

Not only is this an aesthetically-pleasing solution, it also gives you greater flexibility and an additional storage space.



Wallpaper Your Shelter

Instead of painting your bomb shelter, wallpaper it to disguise the entire door.  

With a wide selection of colours, patterns and textures, let your creativity run free. Not only can you hide your door, you can even maintain the overall look of your place.

Certain grainy textures can hide aesthetically displeasing features like the blast door while retaining the ambience you prefer for your flat.

A shelter located along the corridor can also be carefully concealed with wallpaper that runs throughout all the walls.



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors offer the illusion of a widened space and bigger living area.

Whether it’s a sequence of sliding mirror panels or a big, intricate mirror leaning against the door, it is a smart distraction for both you and your visitors.

What’s more, you can admire yourself with that full-length mirror everytime you pass it!



Chalkboard Reminder

Install a chalkboard or simply rub it with chalkboard paint to turn your door into a useful feature!

It’s great as a reminder board or an activity area if you have kids running about.

Ramp up the creativity with colourful chalk and a ton of ideas! It’s a functional way to chalk up some useful recipes, grocery shopping lists and fantastic drawings.

If your bomb shelter is near or within your kitchen, that works out even better because of the convenient positioning!





A Timely Solution

That ghastly, round ventilation vent above your bomb shelter door’s a pain.

You can’t get rid of it, but it’s the perfect shape and size to be turned into a clock!

It sits at a great height, perfect for viewing whenever you need to know the time. You can even customise it according to your home’s interior design.

You can get a marble clock to fit in with your marble walls, or a woodgrain one to go with your wooden laminated walls. It’s that easy!






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