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A Quick Estimate of How Much Your Home Renovation Will Cost You

April 5, 2019

A Quick Estimate of How Much Your Home Renovation Will Cost You




*kindly note that figures are estimates for reference only


It’s easy to strut into IKEA, marvel at the various home interior settings and claim that you’ll have yours renovated this or that way with those furnishings.

Getting a home in Singapore costs an arm and a leg.

When you successfully reach the renovation and designing part, it’s like a whole new level to pass again.

One which involves lots of money, time and effort.

Here are some suggestive costs for renovating a flat!


Things You Must Pay For

As a benchmark, we’re using a 4-room flat to explain our points. That’s because the proportion of these flats are the greatest among Singapore’s HDB flats. 

In renovating any flat, there are necessary costs you must spend on.

Here are some (on average):

  • Flooring and Tiling: Up to $20,000 depending on material and quantity

  • Electrical: Up to $150 apiece

  • Plumbing: Up to $400 for a kitchen and bathroom

  • Painting or Wallpapering: Up to $1,800 for the former and $ for the latter

  • Carpentry Works: Up to $500 per foot run

  • Furniture and Appliances: Up to $20,000

And if you’re renovating a resale:

  • Demolition and Hacking: Up to $50 per foot run

Certain costs like tiling and carpentry rank high in our list of Most Expensive Home Renovation Items.

Of course, different raw materials and sources you’re getting them from, including middleman costs (or lack of) will affect your overall expenditure.

For example, different tile materials have varying costs:

  • Cement screed: $3psf to $15psf depending on type

  • Vinyl: $6psf onwards

  • Ceramic: $7psf onwards

  • Timber: $16psf onwards

  • Laminate: $3.70psf onwards

  • Homogeneous: $12psf onwards

  • Marble: $10psf onwards

  • Granite: $10psf onwards

  • Parquet: $8psf onwards

As a quick overview, vinyl, ceramic and laminates are more affordable compared to granite, marble and timber.

Here are the average prices of home appliances and furniture:

  • Bed and Frame: $2,500

  • Sofa: $1,500

  • Wardrobe: $800 (costlier if built-in)

  • Curtains: $1,550

  • Dining Table and Chairs: $800

  • Air-conditioner (set of 3): $3,000

  • Kitchen Hob: $600

  • Television: $1,000

  • Refrigerator: $1,000

  • Washing Machine: $500

Cost of Hiring an Interior Designer

You can decide whether you want to hire an interior designer, or ID in short, or not. However, doing so offers many benefits.


One advantage an ID has over a general contractor is that your ID offers all-round services. He or she helps to visualise, design, source for a variety of things, manage and oversee the project.


You can also enjoy and leverage on the network of professionals the skilled ID has.

Should you engage one, here are the average costs:

4-room BTO: $42,000

4-room resale: $47,000

Of course, there are factors that affect these prices. For example, the scale, material types and the ID’s fee matter.

Typically, resale flats tend to cost more because of the extra work needed, like hacking, fixing damage, wear and tear.


So, How Much WILL My Renovation Cost?

There’s no definite answer, but you can expect it to cost around $40,000 onwards on average.

Many things come into play in the overall amount, and you have to budget and prioritise your expenditures. 




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