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5 Pure Benefits of a Home Water Filtration System

March 28, 2019

5 Pure Benefits of a Home Water Filtration System




We must admit, our country has an impressive water filtration system.


This allows clean water, well within international standards and guidelines, to be delivered to us every time we turn on the tap.


However, some of us prefer to go the extra mile to ensure that the water our family and us drink is safe.


Of course, the other benefits also play a part.


Despite its rather hefty price tag, a number of homes use water filtration systems to dispense water from.


Here are some reasons for it!


  • Tastes Better


Yes, really, water that’s been filtered again and again tastes better than your regular boiled or tap water.


Many of us enjoy the alkaline taste better than the regular acidic counterpart. This rubs off positively for families with young children because they are more likely to drink more water.


Since we know water’s importance, this means great health benefits and building a love for drinking water that not many may have.


Better tasting water also helps contribute to better tasting food!


  • Convenience


These handy machines constantly go through innovation to bring the best convenience to its users.


For example, 3M’s miniature filter is a good size to put in today’s cramped HDB spaces.


You can easily dispense either hot or cold water instantly for your drinking or cooking needs anytime when needed.


You don’t need to store water in that huge kettle or jug as well.


There is no need to boil or cool water in the fridge for that cup of ice Milo on a hot day.


  • Saves Electricity, Eco-Friendly


Today’s water filters are capable of so much more.


Some can cut electricity costs using energy-efficient electric coils, rather than the conventional gas used to boil water.


This is also eco-friendly and beneficial to the environment.


  • Safe for All


Apart from ensuring you get safe filtered water, some models also include a UV lamp that further sterilise the water.


This UV lamp also inactivates bacteria like e-coli.


These filtration units are also usually certified by government boards like the Singapore Safety Mark.


They meet safety standards and provide quality assurance to users.


  • Health Benefits


Regular tap water is fairly acidic as compared to filtered water.


The former usually has a pH level of 7 and below, whilst the latter stays above 7.


Such alkaline water can improve one’s immunity.


It contains alkaline substances like potassium, magnesium and calcium that improve bone health.


Some suggested benefits include improved gut health, better metabolism rates and reduced acidity.


Regular drinking of alkaline water promotes healthy probiotic bacteria over dangerous gut bacteria.


Certain studies have also revealed that alkaline ionised water may be beneficial for those with diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure.




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