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Reel in the Romance in Your Master Bedroom

March 19, 2019

How to Reel in the Romance in Your Master Bedroom


It’s the time of the year again where couples remind each other of their affection and display acts of love.


But you know that it doesn’t have to take a specific day to show your partner how important he/she is to you.


Spice it up and conjure romance in your own bedroom at home so that everyday will be a reason to love!





Choose Your Cool Colour Palette


We agree that red is the fiery colour of burning passion.


However, it may also be overstimulating and traumatic because of its aggressiveness and wildness.


Let’s not forget that it’s also the colour of insanity.


Opt for cooler colours like shades of blue before adding a touch of red. Experiment around and toy with potential ideas to come up with the best combination!



The Star of the Show


Your bed is the centre of attraction.


Focus on building it up. Throw in lush and inviting textiles, plush cushions of various shapes and sizes and invest your money in quality linen.


After all, you wouldn’t want a heated session to go awry when your loved one starts scratching everywhere.


Or when he starts to sweat incessantly because you got those 100-thread count microfibre sheets going at 50 percent off.


What you and your partner want are those soft egyptian sheets and thick duvet to sink yourselves in.





Have it Kondo-ed


Nobody enjoys stepping over a pointy heel or tripping on your latest material buy while you’re getting something good going.


Declutter your room Marie Kondo style and make sure there’s no messy rubbish lying around the place.


Everything you need should be within reach, not everything you don’t.


If it sparks joy, keep it.


Otherwise, out it goes.



Cover Your Curtains


Now, you’re rolling around in bed, enjoying a feisty start to the day, giggling like a little girl.


Or imagine this: you just awoke and you’re staring lovingly at your partner.


Before you know it, beams of light are slicing through your giggly happiness and romantic mood.


You turn your head, and the morning sun greets you with another rude glare, burning up whatever affection you had along with it.


Unless you want this rude awakening and impromptu immediate stop to your lovey dovey moments, get your curtains right.


Choose blackout or heavy weighted curtains that can block out unwanted light and keep it mysterious and inviting inside the room.



Light it Up


Lighting sets the mood more than you think.


You may want to get low-level ambient lights that are off-white for a warm atmosphere.


For example, wall sconces are a nice option for gentle illumination.


Otherwise, you can even get smart lights that you can turn off with a snap of your fingers.


They’re more convenient than you can imagine!






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