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Bite-Sized Living Benefits

March 13, 2019

Bite-Sized Living Benefits

As the size of new BTO projects shrink further and further, what’s your take on it?

Are they actually a blessing in disguise?

Depending on your needs, the answer is yes.

Unless you’re moving in with your entire extended family or have a brood of kids, we think that small is ideal.


Energy Efficient

A smaller home means less energy needed to power up your house. You don’t have to install so many lights nor use up energy to charge up your vacuum cleaner over and over.

Cooling is also reduced because you don’t need to turn on your air-conditioner for long nor use so many of them to fill up the rooms.

With water and electricity bills in Singapore rising like the temperature here in June, it’ll be easier on your pocket to lower energy costs. Spend that money on other things that matter more, like your retirement fund or child’s education expenses!

Lesser energy used also means being more environmentally-friendly – another plus for the planet!


Easier Maintenance

If you’re the sole person in charge of cleaning up your house, let’s be honest – it’s a mammoth task on its own.

And really, you don’t need to make your job any harder than it already is by getting a huge mansion with 101 rooms and a whole lot of things to clean.

Choosing to go small means lesser things to wash, dust, clean and a smaller surface area to mop.

With most of us working full-time or having to juggle with messy kids, we often have little time to tidy up and do other things as well.

Even with Marie Kondo’s help in organising and decluttering, it still wouldn’t be enough either. There would be so much to sort and throw out with a big house.




Less Costs

Apart from saving energy costs, your overall costs would also be minimised.

For example, less furniture would be needed to fill up your space. You also save on electrical appliances.

You also save on renovation and interior design costs, which can total up to a huge amount. Think about it – even regular 4-room flats cost up to $110,000 to renovate.


Less Debt

Homes in Singapore come with a big price tag.

Unless you’re swimming in cash, you don’t want to carry a heavy burden on your shoulders.

Who wants to constantly worry about how you need to work for the next 50 years without rest to service your debt?

For many, getting married, buying a car and having children already take up big sums of money.

Some people choose to delay their marriage just to amass enough savings to pay off the downpayment of their homes.

Some cannot quit their jobs even if it’s hard because no job would mean no income, and no money to pay off their housing loans.

So, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Settle for a place that fits comfortably into your budget. If it’s bigger, go for it. Otherwise, a smaller option may not be so bad after all.




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