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Childproofing Your New Place

February 25, 2019

Safety Starts from Home: Childproofing Your New Place


From young, children are naturally inquisitive and curious by nature.


They also tend to be playful and cheeky, doing things without a care in the world. Or, a second thought in fact.


That’s why it’s so important to make sure your new house is completely safe for young kids and babies, if you’re going to be living with any.


Accidents are unpredictable and some kids can’t control their natural urges to reach out and touch that exposed wire.


After all, safe children start with safe homes.


Read on to find out how!



1. Don’t Expose, Dispose


Exposed wires and sockets are dangerous to both the young, old and everyone in between.


However, children may just find these wires interesting and try to touch them out of curiosity.


The result?


Electrocution, electric shocks or even fires - which you don’t want if your baby is sleeping soundly nearby.


Dispose any ruined wires or check regularly to ensure that no wires are left exposed.


Use a cover to prevent someone from touching a socket as well. If the power is accidentally left on, it may cause electrocution.


This is especially so with wet, dripping hands.




2. Storage Safety


Young children may play around and act mischievous, sometimes reaching out to grab objects due to interest.


Avoid storing heavy things in tall cabinets in the kitchen and toilets. If left unattended, one swipe may lead to something crashing down.


Store all medicine securely as well. You’ll never know if your child grabs one out of curiosity and starts putting random medicine in his or her mouth.


Medicine, if inappropriate, can be highly dangerous and cause reactions when wrongly administered.


Therefore, be extra vigilant and take precautions.


Don’t leave any medicine lying around on the table islands, nightstands or more.


You should keep lighters and matches away from their reach too, so that fires may be better avoided.



3. Guarding Their Safety


Whether you’re staying on the ground floor or high up, there’s a risk that your child may accidentally fall out.


The consequences will be dire if this should happen - not even an adult can survive a fall.


A simple window guard or stopper can solve this issue and prevent any mishaps. Get one that’s sturdy and secure and make sure to test its useability.


When you install baby gates, don’t opt for accordion gates. You may realise that your child’s head is stuck between the wide gaps once your attention is diverted.




4. Detection is Better than Cure


Although uncommon, you don’t want to risk your child suffocating from potential fires lighting up.


Install smoke detectors in strategic places e.g. outside bedrooms and on every level of your home.


Buy a fire extinguisher and place it somewhere you can grab at easily as well.


5. Tempered Tactic


When you’re choosing the material of your coffee table, study table or toilet shower screens, get one made of tempered glass.


This type of glass doesn’t shatter as easily as its non-tempered counterpart.


Glass can cut a child easily, so remember to place edge guards to stop that.



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