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2019’s Trendiest Interior Design Fads to Follow

January 30, 2019

2019’s Trendiest Interior Design Fads to Follow

In the blink of an eye, 2018 has swooped past, leaving most of us with the same question: where did the time go?

Time waits for no one, just like the latest fads. Before you know it, they’ve come and gone.

As we step into the new year, check out some of the reigning furniture trends to add a touch of spark to yours.




The More the Merrier

With space limitations and the pursuit of doing more with less, homeowners now strive to get multifunctional, space-saving furniture.

Being multi-functional doesn’t mean lots of nooks and crannies, but simplistic designs with a not-so-simple usage.

Tossing aside the old sofa-bed idea of the last century, we welcome new innovations like modular furniture that expands and vice versa according to your needs.


Time to Get Big on Bold

Today, many of us enjoy exploring new styles, making bold and daring statements with our furniture.

Think high-contrast colours and patterns, mixing it up with various materials, sizes and more.

Turning up the volume with our furniture choices reflects the urbanity of today’s modern millennials.

Done right, it can produce a classy, sophisticated effect throughout the place.


Snuggle Up

We find respite in our beds after the end of a long day at work, and the bed’s importance has vastly grown.

A comfy and cosy bed offers us solitude and protection when we are in deep sleep, away from the complexities of the world.

A king-sized, or four-poster bed with huge upholstered headboards and thick, comfortable blankets can give us that hug we need to make everything right.

It also makes your room look warm and inviting. Now, you can finally feel how it’s like to be in a furniture hug.




Handmade Haven

We’re finding lots of value in handmade items – the beauty of it is that we know where they’re from, what they’re made of, and the story behind every piece.

Lovingly crafted by hand, it means more work, time and effort spent constructing custom furniture.

Nowadays, they seem more valuable, be it sentimentally or perceived to the common consumer as compared to factory, mass-produced ones. 

Because they are individually made, you can be certain that every furniture is unique, just like you. 


Bathrooms in Black

It’s many an aim to create a high-end, luxurious bathroom similar to that of a world-class hotel’s.

With this preference, it’s welcomed the bold, black design. Think black marble sink tops, walls, rimmed mirrors and walls.

The combined effect is a slinky, striking sense of opulence.

Bonus? They’re probably going to last you much longer because no one’s going to see that dirt spot on your black sink.




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