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6 Ways to Prolong the “Live” Span of Your Home

January 26, 2019

6 Ways to Prolong the “Live” Span of Your Home


Your home is worth much more than a luxury bag or car.


It’s priceless precisely because it’s where your your present and future memories will be held.


Whether you build a family of your own, grow through life’s different stages or more in it, it’s definitely something to hold dear and cherish, tile by tile.


Unlike expensive goods that have dustbags or leather conditioner to protect them, your house has none of these.


You want to baby it so that it’ll walk many long years with you.


Here’s how!





Constant Cleaning is Everything


Your appliances, floors, furniture, pipes, glass – these are the things around your house that should be regularly cleaned to be kept in check.


This applies particularly to your toilet and kitchen pipes. Use household baking soda and hot water to flush all the clogging gunk down or buy pre-made ones outside for a quick and handy solution.



It’s a Snowball Effect


When left unchecked, some things can have a snowball effect.


For example, your toilet grout can slowly erode and be ruined. If you’re lazy and fail to check it periodically, it’ll wreak havoc on your walls, floors and tiles.


The water seeping from gaping openings will escape into them and cause some serious damage.


Whenever you see a new gap, quickly seal it up with waterproof silicone sealer to prevent this!



Filter the Dirt

While some may think it’s an unnecessary cost, it pays to service your air-conditioner at least once a year and clean the filter every couple of months.


You’ll be shocked at the amount of dirt and dust that gets caught in the filter.


A dirty filter has detrimental impact on an air-conditioner. It blocks the air flow, leading to a series of events that eventually results in leaks.



Clean the Coils


Make sure you clean your refrigerator’s condenser coils both at the back and bottom every quarter or half yearly.


Similar to the air-conditioner, dirt and dust cause the fridge to work harder and experience faster wear.


It’s also advised to call a professional if you’re unsure, or simply to give it a quick servicing to ensure it’s running at optimal performance.



Get the Grime Off


Stains and grease will make their way to your stove countertops, ovens and toasters.


Use baking soda and water to get rid of them effectively. Not only are they dirty and wear down your appliances, grease can catch fire when the stove is turned on, or other fire sources are nearby.


It’s best to give it a thorough wipe every time after you cook.




Plan for It


Of course, sometimes accidents happen even with all the safety measures in place. Get a suitable home insurance that provides enough coverage!


You can still rest easy at night when you sleep knowing that any potential disaster will be well paid for.




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