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Fireproofing Your Home for the Future

January 21, 2019

Fireproofing Your Home for the Future

Although it’s not likely, and your flat is usually insured against it, you wouldn’t want to play with fire.

Yes, we’re unlike other countries where destructive seasonal wildfires run rampant. However, starting a fire can be easy as 1, 2, 3. A wire spark or a candle can send anything nearby going up in flames.

A house that’s caught in a blazing situation gives you extreme inconvenience. Putting aside the likelihood of your precious personal items being burnt to a crisp, you may find yourself temporarily homeless.

Yes, imagine your Chanel bag or secret storage of 999 gold jewellery worth a small fortune in smolders.

It’s especially troublesome if you have a family, or even a pet. Finding someone to take you in may be a problem.

Here’s how you can fireproof your home for your safety and assurance!


Keep Your Firefighting Equipment Ready

A towel or pail of water will not save your burning home. While you’re busy filling up that said pail, the blaze would have burnt down your entire place.

Make sure you get a fire extinguisher, and have it positioned at a convenient location at home.

It should be ready to grab and go, because when a fire’s swallowing everything up at top speed, there’s no time to waste.

Otherwise, you should get sprinklers, smoke detectors or fire alarms so that you’ll be prepared.

And no, it’s not an exaggeration!




Be on the Ball

We’re not saying that you have to stare at your soup the entire time while it’s cooking.

But taking precautions and being extra careful when the gas stove is ignited, or other fire sources are present is necessary.

If someone smokes at home, make sure the cigarette light is always out as well. Starting a fire is easier than you think, and especially so when someone is careless.

Make sure you always have a watchful eye to avoid any accidents.


Clear the Clutter

Most fires begin from the kitchen. You don’t want to leave clutter lying around waiting to add to any budding flame.

It’s therefore an important area to fireproof. When you’re discussing about the design with your interior designer, there are lots of things to think about.

For example, the materials of your kitchen appliances and everyday-products should be as heat resistant as possible. Both your lightings and appliances should have the basic Singapore SAFETY mark to indicate that they have successfully met safety requirements.

Some products include your rice cooker, oven and fans. Other appliances used around the house should also have this label, like your iron, hair dryer and computer.

Although that latest IT accessory may be sold much cheaper overseas than locally, don’t risk your family’s and your safety! A faulty safety device could burn up and pose a fire hazard, and an AC adapter that fails safety testing could overheat and melt, resulting in a possible fire as well.

Think ahead to keep fires at bay!




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