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Purrr-fect Place for Your Furry Feline(s)

December 21, 2018

How to Make a Purrr-fect Place for Your Furry Feline(s)




They’re cuddly, cute and for many homeowners, their precious fur babies.


Moving in to a new home with your pet cat can be cause for celebration or simply cat-astrophic for you and your furry friend.


While you want to design your personal space according to your preferences, it’s important to take your cat into account as well.


Give your cat a stress-free, homely environment to live in happily.How will you design your home in such a way that fits comfortably for both of you?


Let’s walk through the various recommendations below.



1. Felines and Floors Don’t Mix


When you have a cat with sharp claws roaming about your house, the last thing you want is to not prepare for it.


You wouldn’t want your newly completed, sparkling floors to be met with fiery scratches, would you? Some cats who have yet to be properly potty-trained may leave their mark and stain your beautiful boards as well.


When selecting a floor for your home, pick the most durable option. One good choice is vinyl flooring which is both scratch and water resistant. It is also easy to install, which means you can replace damaged ones easily.


The next time you see your cat poised to claw the floor, you’ll know that you’re ready for it.





2. Dutch the Doors


Your feline friend will want to move about the house easily, but how do they do that if the doors are closed?


To solve this problem, install Dutch doors or other similar pet doors so it can pop in and out from one room to the other. Otherwise, it may start clawing furiously at your new door until it’s let out. In a way, it is also safer for it, in case of any home emergencies.



3. Head High


Cats enjoy observing down from above. They know that at that height, they are less likely to be disturbed especially when they’re napping.


Therefore, create as many vertical spaces as possible to boost its environment.



4. Leave the Litter


We’re not talking rubbish here - what we mean is leaving more litter boxes around for your cat.


There should be boxes placed at different places throughout the house, preferably in quiet, cool places.


This will give it the privacy it needs. Remember to always keep the boxes clean and dirt-free so it will be more inclined to use it.


If you have multiple cats, make sure that you have one for each of them.





5. Play Hard


Cats love interactive play. Ensure that you play with your furry one a few times daily with different toys on a rotating basis.


For example, you can use balls or feather toys to entertain it. It’s really not difficult!





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