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Fragrance in Home

December 13, 2018

Make Your Home Smell Super with These Tips




While we can’t expect our home to smell as crisp and fresh as the park, having the next best thing is certainly achievable.   

A clean and fresh-smelling abode is beneficial to us on many levels. It elevates our mood and promotes healthy living. What’s more, with indoor pollutants proving to be a real problem, you want to make sure that you’re not breathing any of those toxins in.

With a few extra additions to your home, you can ensure that you always breathe in quality air and aromas.

Check them out below!


Air It Out

Unless you want to stay in a stuffy, stale-smelling place, keep your windows and front door open. Natural ventilation like this allows air to flow in from outside, boosting air circulation within the confines of your space.

Rather than getting grilled windows or installing that mosquito netting, opt for huge windows and minimal grilles. Keep your kitchen and bathroom windows open as well – you wouldn’t want any lingering smell to leave a bad taste in your mouth after you’re done with your business.

However, there is an exception – if you’re a fond cook who displays your skills day in and out, we recommend installing a glass door for your kitchen area. Keep it closed when you’re cooking up a storm so strong smells are kept inside and don’t spread to other areas like the living room.



Purify Your Place

Embrace technology, here to help in the form of powerful air purifiers. One that’s of good quality and is reliable can effectively filter out pollutants and bad odours, replacing them with clean filtered air.

You can even choose delicate fragrances to permeate your home, like lemongrass scents that also soothe and calm yourself. Of course, your bathroom is one ideal place you’ll definitely want furnished with a couple of purifiers.



In with the Good, Out with the Bad

Your home appliances are also highly useful for getting rid of unwanted smells. For example, your kitchen hood uses a pipe system to sieve out oil, grease and undesirable fumes. This is extremely helpful if you often cook or do heavy cooking.

There are various modern designs and types of hoods to suit every lifestyle type. Many of these come with charcoal hoods that are fantastic for minimising unwanted smells.



Select Smart

The materials you pick for your furniture can seem unassuming, but don’t underestimate their effectiveness and importance.

Your sofa, curtains and bedding upholstery should be sturdy and easy to clean. For example, avoid cotton fabrics for your sofa and go for leather that is quick to clean, anti-stain and not smell absorbent.

Despite its premium price as compared to cotton or linen, it will go a long way in making sure your living room is odour-free.




Go Green

The most natural way to keep that fresh O² in is with Mother Nature’s creations. Get some flowering plants or foliage to add some green to your place. Not only do they offer a homely, rustic touch of décor, they’re also a fantastic and valuable source of clean air.

Certain plants are particularly useful for removing nasty pollutants and toxins in the air. They include the rubber plant, bamboo palm, Bostern fern and many more.





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