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5 Ways to Level Up Your Gaming Room

December 6, 2018

5 Ways to Level Up Your Gaming Room



Who doesn’t fancy a personal space with all the coolest gaming gadgets and accessories – an entertainment paradise you can truly call your own?

Before you get down to designing it, you want to bear in mind that keeping it clean and clutter-free is beneficial over the long-run.

Imagine endless, snaking cables and wires, and stacks of disks piled up high.

How can you prevent that and keep your haven the way it is?

Apart from keeping your room clean, there are also other ways you can boost its look and your experience.

Find out below!


Curb the Cables

Kick start the planning process by deciding how you can sort out your wires. These wires, tangled and messy, are a big bane to the aesthetics of your gaming room. What’s more, they’re a cause for accidental trips and falls, and are prone to collecting dust.

If you try to clean your room, all the cables will only get in your way. To solve this, get a cable management box or cable ties to sort them out. You can even opt for an inbuilt organiser so it can conceal them stylishly.

There are various cable keeping hacks you can easily find on the Internet as well. With some DIY, your room can look effortlessly spotless and organised all the time!


Here's where you can get the Cable Management box! 


Store Your Stuff

Your game consoles, disks and accessories won’t keep themselves. If you leave them lying around in a messy heap it’ll be difficult to find what you want. It doesn’t bode well for your room either, and your guests will be horrified at the mess if they do see it.

Keep your things stored and sorted out neatly. Choose between different storage solutions like a built-in wall shelf or sliding shelf to keep them. You can also consider seats with storage spaces underneath. Those are great solutions for homes with space constraints.




Keep It Quiet

Some of us enjoy blasting the music from our games or shouting when we’re locked in fierce competition with another. However, this can be quite disruptive to others who are living in the same house.

If you don’t want your spouse nor neighbours knocking on your door complaining about the noise, we suggest soundproofing it. Use noise insulation materials to keep your room quiet from the outside and be engrossed as much as you want inside.




A gaming room doesn’t have to be drab or plain. Take inspiration from your favourite games to create a unique theme. For example, you can get furniture or accessories that relate to your favourite game.

You can also paint your walls in a colour scheme that is similar to any game’s elements. Liven up the place and splash it with cool colours to show how much you love your games!



Keep It Comfy

You want to be in a state of relaxation every time you enter and begin playing. That’s how you can focus and fully immerse yourself in your virtual world. To power up your comfort zone, add some plush beanbags, cushions, and soft carpeting on the floor.

These will come in handy particularly if you’re just lounging around with friends for movie night!







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