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A Fitness Fantasy-Turned-Reality

November 30, 2018

A Fitness Fantasy-Turned-Reality


As a fitness aficionado, it seems like the ultimate pipe dream to have your own fitness room.

However, with the new BTOs’ limited spaces, it doesn’t seem easy to run wild with your home design inspirations.


Well, having a limited space doesn’t mean it should limit your dreams and wants too.

What you can do is work within your means. For many fitness enthusiasts, heading to the gym or fitness classes to work out may be tedious.


Add in long working hours, other priorities, the chore of having to pack your gear, traveling and showering after you’re done, and voila – a daunting experience.

So, instead of going over, make it come to you in the comforts of your own home!

Check out how you can have your own personal workout room below.




Make Space

It doesn’t have to be huge. It just has to be an empty space.

A spare room is all you need to kickstart your fitness goal. Pad the space with shock absorbent, resilient flooring, and you’re good to go!

Add in some full-length mirrors to check your built body while you’re at it. To create the illusion of more space, construct a half wall or knock down the walls to make way for glass sliding doors.

If you don’t have a spare room to work out at home, make one. For example, many 5-room flats have a big living area, large enough to plan an additional room.

If you’re staying in a smaller flat, turn one of your rooms into a multipurpose one, like the bedroom, study room or even the living room. Put in a couple of gym equipment, and you can study and gym at the same time!



What Matters Most

Avoid cramming in all kinds of workout equipment into your room. Which ones do you really need, and actually use? Select a few that you use the most often that are in-line with your usual workout regime.

For example, if you focus on cardio-building, get some related equipment like the treadmill or air bike. Stick to the cardio routine you frequent and build your home gym around it.

If you aim to build muscle, incorporate equipment like adjustable weights and a workout bench. Those are almost all you need to do sit ups, leg raises and more.



Smart Space

Another way to create your personal fitness space at home is to install your equipment in a way that combines your décor together.

You can merge your interior design with your workout needs. For example, many fanatics install a pull-up bar at their doors.

A raised platform in the living room or bedroom also makes a great space idea to do yoga exercises, so you can consider this. Throw in some plush cushions, a yoga mat, ball and that’s it!

You can even hang a hammock to do aerial yoga in that same platform space, balcony or walk-in-wardrobe. The possibilities are endless – all it takes is some thinking out of the box.




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