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Choose Your ID Firm!

November 23, 2018



5 Winning Ways to Choose Your ID Firm

Among the scores of friends’ recommendations, pushy salespeople and mixed online reviews, it can be hard to select an interior design firm.

We’re not talking about splashing a dollar or two on such services either – some of you might balk at the actual costs hiring one requires.

There is no one answer or definite method to make sure you’re getting the best, so start by asking some practical questions to guide your decision process.





Don’t stretch your budget if you’re going to have repercussions from it. Getting a house in Singapore alone costs a pretty penny, so you must consider your finances.

The scope of your renovation project largely depends on your budget. It affects areas like your furnishings, renovation materials and the extent of renovation you can complete.

Many firms can offer flashy, modern, or even the most luxurious looking homes to you. However, what’s the point of getting an expensive design fit for a king if you don’t have the means to meet it?

Budgeting is serious business, so ensure that no matter who you decide to go with, plan your expenditures carefully. Make the most of your budget and find a firm that offers you different options and charges comfortably.


Contractor Type

Usually, there are a few types of contractor choices an interior design business can choose to work with. One is engaging their own company’s contractors and another subcontracting it.

Subcontractors may charge higher fees during negotiations and shirk responsibilities when things go awry. Since the design firms are not responsible for hiring competent workers, it is difficult to ensure quality of the work.

You also have to note whether the contractors are local or foreign, should they be subcontracted. The intention of reducing costs can drive a company to hire foreigners to do the work.

However, this can lead to many problems, like a difference in language spoken, understanding of local preferences and issues with defect rectification. 



Evidence to prove an ID firm’s credibility is essential. The Internet is at your fingertips; use it to search for the company’s certifications.

One certification to eye for is CaseTrust. This means that the business has good sales practices, ethics and measures. They will be fully transparent and upfront with no hidden fees or unscrupulous tactics. Deliverables will be detailed and accounted for. You can expect staff to be knowledgeable, certified and well-trained.

ISO-certified businesses also symbolises quality assurance and work stability.

The Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Supplier Association (RCMA) certification is another certification to check for. RCMA-listed firms protect customer deposits in the case of closure or liquidation.



The term “a jack of all trades but master of none” applies to many, including interior design firms. Different companies may have distinct strengths, fare better in certain areas or have unidentical design styles.

 For example, some may have a specialty in colour coordination, carpentry planning or living room space planning. Which one you choose boils down to which area you figure needs the most help in.

While many designers can tailor to other design concepts, they might lean towards a few particular ones.



Both of you should work like partners in crime. The designer you select has to get what you are driving at. Otherwise, all promises, or agreements made, no matter how wonderful they sound, will go up in smoke.

Beware of some designers who overpromise in a bid to close a sale quickly. Rather than really understanding what you have in mind, all they want is a slice of the sales pie.

Remember, the decision is ultimately yours to make, so don’t hesitate to seek a second, third, or even more opinion before putting your money down. No one needs a designer who only shoves suggestions you don’t need without getting what you actually do.



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