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Top 5 Design Disasters

November 15, 2018

The Top 5 Design Disasters to Avoid


What turns a plain, unfurbished house into a cosy home?

Simple: the interior design.

In order to avoid second thoughts or a disastrous looking home that doesn’t reflect well on your own aesthetic sense, it’s important to get this aspect right. What’s more, outstanding décor can even bump up the value of your place and entice more potential buyers.

Want to avoid designing for disaster?

Find out how below!


Going Over-The-Top

Repeat: all things in moderation. Remember, less is more, and overdoing the accessorising in your living space can create a chaotic and jumbled effect. Instead of cluttering all the pieces, get one bigger statement piece to get the job done with half the trouble.



Not every single piece of furniture has to match each other. That would be boring and humdrum. Of course, mismatched furniture isn’t good either, but an overwhelming sense of similarity offers no attractiveness.

By using a few different pieces, you make your room stand out and it won’t look plain and shallow.

One way to go about it is selecting a theme and choose pieces that actually complement each other. Some contrast is welcomed to turn your design up a notch or two. It’s not difficult – if you’re unsure, discuss with your interior designer to get an expert’s opinion!




Going Small? Go Home!

Why furnish your home with lots of itty-bitty accessories? They’re messy, get lost easily, and make your place look overcrowded. Also, all the small things you own like your soft toys, keychains and more need not be displayed everywhere the eye can see.

Getting big accessories makes a big design statement and helps the space to look neater and more organised. You can find whatever you need at a glance.




Don’t Scrimp Unnecessarily

It’s imperative to fork out good money on certain things, like your paint and furniture fittings. Bad quality paint will chip and fade faster and result in a worn-out look. Additionally, while plastic is cheap, it makes your interior design look fake, of poor quality and less posh.

We know that not all people have green fingers but go easy on the plastic flowers and plants. Some are fine but getting low-cost ones and adding too many into your space can make it seem gaudy, tacky and pose a disaster for your home.


Is It Too Big?

Yes, it’s good to have a few big design pieces in the house, but we’re not saying you must get that gigantic 70-inch LED HDTV for your 3-room HDB. Neither do we mean buying a sofa of elephantine proportions that won’t even fit through your front door.

Having too much upsized furniture can make your home look smaller than it actually is and look overpowering. As we said earlier, all things in moderation – and in consideration. Your furniture should best suit the size of your home.




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