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Your Guide to Affordable Furnitures

November 13, 2018

Your Handy Homeowner’s Guide to Affordable Furniture

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA seems like any homeowner’s furniture paradise, doesn’t it? With a wide range of affordable pieces and those tempting meat balls at the IKEA restaurant to complete the experience, it does seem so.

However, we don’t want to limit our choices, so where else can you find furniture that’ll help your budget?

Find out below!





FortyTwo offers furniture as affordable as IKEA. In fact, you can find some that cost less. What’s more, it also comes with detailed reviews for each individual product, unlike IKEA. You can find the quality score, technical specifications and even firmness levels for sofas, for example.

The furniture choices are vast enough for anyone to find something that catches their eye. We also love their free and easy returns, because who knows if we regret a purchase? No one would like to be stuck with something they don’t like!

Pssst – if you can find cheaper ones being sold elsewhere, they are willing to match the price and refund you the difference!




Supported by a young and creative team, HipVan offers low-cost designer furniture for the modern homeowner. If you’ve always lusted after those Pinterest and Instagram-worthy pieces, this is the place to fulfill your dreams.

With unique and contemporary offerings, it caters to the millennials with low prices to boot. Through this e-retailer, your home could look like it belongs in a magazine photoshoot, at a fraction of the price.

If DIY instructions confuse you, be delighted to know that everything from HipVan can be used immediately! You need not pore over endless assembly steps nor handle that dangerous-looking screwdriver anymore that IKEA furniture requires.




Ah, how could we miss this mammoth online retailer? Taobao has practically everything you can think of – all you need to do is to hit the search button.

Although it may not be as easy to navigate for those who don’t understand Chinese as fluently, you can still translate the site to the English version for an easier time. Since almost everything is “Made in China”, you can be sure to find pieces near cost prices.

Do take note that shipping via the site itself can be expensive, especially if we’re talking about heavy furniture. To minimise such additional costs, look for freight forwarders like ezbuy.sg. You can use their Prime shipping service to save or wait for free shipping promotions.



Both a first and second-hand furniture treasure trove, Carousell is the place to look at for furniture below retail prices. Although lowballing or playing cheapskate are not ideal, you do want to haggle as much as possible to lower the prices further on that lovely computer table or lighting you’ve your eye on.

After all, one man’s trash can be another’s treasure, so do your best at uncovering what hidden gems lie await!



The best place to get ideas and items are reasonably priced. 

Ikea provides home owners with the trending home designs and all their household items are readily available. 

Late night shoppings on Weekends coupled with the free parking and the absolutely delicious food that makes home shopping more fun and relaxing. 


Ikea designs are updated almost monthly, and their items are always very pinterest looking. 




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