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How to “Feng Shui” Your Home

November 1, 2018



How to “Feng Shui” Your Home


Before you raise your eyebrows in doubt, hear us out. There are only benefits in decorating your home with good Feng Shui vibes around.

You don’t have to be a believer – just think of it as an added measure for that extra luck to your new abode. It’s entirely up to you whether you decide to use this practice or not.

And no, it doesn’t require much work to pepper your place with some good Feng Shui practices. Read on to find out how you can bring in the good and oust the bad!


Air it Out

Good quality air matters when you’re talking about Feng Shui. Positive Feng Shui energy is termed “Chi”, and one important aspect to contribute to this is good air. Make sure you circulate clean air in your home, easily done so with indoor plants and air purifiers.


Clear the Path

Nothing should be directly blocking your front door, an essential component of inviting in good energy. Clutter, plants, shoes and other things should be placed at the side, and not in front of the door.

Over time, as your front door hinges wear down from frequent use, check to oil it regularly if you hear any squeaks. Fix any chipped paint or defects and maintain your door to keep it in a pristine condition for the best positive energy flow.


Keep Your Doors Closed

Feng Shui advocates believe that water denotes wealth. It’s also believed that water goes out of the bathroom. Therefore, it’s advised to keep your bathroom doors closed to keep all that liquid wealth from flowing out.


Wipe Your Windows

The windows are akin to your eyes to the world, and you want to keep that clean and sparkly to see well. Don’t just wait for festivities to give your windows a good wipe down. Pick up that window cleaner and cloth whenever you see dust or grime and get to cleaning.

Not only will polished, spotless windows offer you the best views, it also makes your space look beautiful.


Free from Clutter

De-cluttering is not just good for a clean, spotless look in your house – it also ensures that fresh and clear energy flows freely through all spaces. Clutter causes energy to stay stagnant and become blocked.

Remember to clear out your clutter regularly, be it in your cupboards, drawers, bomb shelter, or anywhere else. Good Feng Shui energy is embodied in clean air, natural light, a clean home and clear flowing energy. Even if not for Feng Shui, every homeowner should aspire to own a home that possesses these qualities!




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