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Staying Traditional or Going Digital - Which Lock is For You? Part 1

September 27, 2018

Staying Traditional or Going Digital - Which Lock is For You? 


It’s no surprise that the trend of electronic locks in Singapore has been rising over the years. The idea of having an automated lock is no longer thought to only exist in foreign countries like Korea and America. While we used to envy these shiny, marvellous devices often shown in K-dramas, anyone can get one easily today.


However, as novel and amazing as they may seem, how do they actually fare against the traditional bolted lock? Are they really that great a switch? Let’s compare!






Of course, the digital lock is a clear winner in this aspect with their sleek, modern designs that make any visitor go “ooh” and “aah” in envy. If you want to project your home as the modern millennial abode of the century, you can’t miss this addition to display proudly at your door.




There are so many types of interesting digital locks available in the market nowadays that are suitable for different needs, doors and homes.


For example, you can get one that doesn’t require any drilling into your door, but is attached to your door. This ensures that there is no damage or extra work needed to install it.


Instead of being limited to one security option as offered by the traditional lock, you have the luxury of choice and flexibility to select one or even a few different types that you prefer.




The older folks may be skeptical about going digital, choosing to rely on the good old bolted lock instead. Some reasons like having others figuring out your passcode or tampering with the system may arise. They may also worry about the digital lock being fragile and easily damaged.


The truth is; it doesn’t matter whether you get a traditional or digital lock. They are both about as safe as the other with their own sets of pros and cons. With the many functions of the digital lock, it’s not unreliable like some think it is.


Traditional locks can easily be picked and lost or stolen keys will cause worry that your house may be broken into all the same. What’s important is to get one from a reputable brand or supplier with positive reviews.


The nifty thing about digital locks is that there is a wide variety of systems you can choose from. For example, you can go for passcodes, fingerprint recognition or a remote bluetooth key located in your phone.


If you’re a worrier and can’t sleep at night thinking about someone breaking in, fret not. With the many features and additional security measures of digital locks, you can enable all of them, like emergency alarms, remote access to different smart devices, intruder alarms and more.




Be honest. Have you lost your house keys before and had to go through the agony of being yelled at or paying a fee to have it replaced? Many of us who use traditional locks have been careless enough to experience this.


It’s a troublesome process to always fumble around and dig for your keys especially if your hands are full or if your attention is needed elsewhere, like on screaming kids demanding for it.


Digital locks give you added ease and convenience - you don’t even need to manually lock it after getting out of the house. Therefore, it may be a good choice if you want something hassle-free and practical. The best thing? No physical keys!





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