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Renovation Companies: 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Local Carpenters

September 24, 2018

Renovation Companies: 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Local Carpenters


Carpentry is a popular option for homeowners looking to renovate their spaces in Singapore, with the demand for more carpenters rising. To meet this demand and lower operating costs, renovation companies can choose to subcontract their work to other overseas carpenters and turn a greater profit.


However, doing so has its disadvantages as well, which you will find below. If you are considering whether to go local or overseas, here are some reasons why you should opt for the former!




They Know What the Local Market Prefers


Local carpenters tend to have a better understanding of what the local market wants. Since they deal with Singaporean customers daily, they will have greater knowledge of our preferences and the current trends.


This cannot be said for overseas carpenters who have minimal or no experience with the locals here.


This is an advantage to local carpenters because it adds value to the overall customer experience and satisfaction. In a way, it also helps boost communication and lead to a smoother transaction process. You don’t have to explain much for them to know what you’re referring to.



Ease of Communication


Communication is extremely important when you are dealing with others. You don’t want to encounter any miscommunication and let that beautiful new home the homeowner envisioned go up in smoke and tarnish your reputation.


Foreign carpenters may not have as good an understanding (or if any at all) as compared to the locals. Imagine speaking to a foreigner about our local slang Singlish; what are the chances of them understanding what you are saying when your instructions are peppered with lah, har and more?


Also, communicating with locals is direct and easy. You don’t have to go through other complicated means to make sure your message reaches the carpenter.


You can arrange to meet with the local carpenter to convey other instructions, but it will not be as easy to take a plane to, say, Indonesia to do the same thing. Not only is it troublesome, it is also costly.



Their Credibility Can Be Better Verified


When you hire foreign carpenters, all you have is perhaps a phone number or the Internet to work with when checking his or her credibility.


Sometimes, you may not know whether the other person on the other side of the line is who you think it is. Since he or she is not based locally, it makes it hard for you to check who you are dealing with.


For example, you will not be able to find out if their workmanship is as good as they claim. How do you know whether they will deliver good quality work or if they are really reliable?


With locals, you have greater opportunities and methods to check that you’re getting the best of the best for your customers.



Lower Chance of Fraud


This brings us to the next point. Since hiring local carpenters allows you to check and make sure that they are trustworthy easily, it also leads to a reduced risk of fraud happening.


Where time and money are involved, you want to ensure a smooth sailing process. Encountering a fraud case would only give you trouble and be harmful for your own credibility when it affects the workflow for your customers.



Fast Turnaround for Defect Rectification


Occasionally, we may find defects in the work done. When this happens, you want to be able to get them resolved fast.


The overseas carpenter would require more time and effort to do so as compared to the local. Local carpenters can simply zip down and handle any issues with the work completed in no time.




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