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Painting vs Wallpapering: A Comparison Part 2

September 20, 2018

Painting vs Wallpapering: A Comparison




When it comes to your walls, is it better to choose the more common paint or wallpaper? Apart from how either of these will complement and improve your home interior design, there are also other factors to consider.

While we’ve covered some areas in the first part, here is the next for a complete list. Find out more below!


Lifetime and Durability


Many types of wallpaper can be cleaned and scrubbed.

Although wallpaper Is susceptible to damage and dirt, it can last for at least a decade. It also holds up well against the prying hands of young kids, wear and tear, as well as places with a high amount of traffic.

Vinyl wallpaper is a good choice if you have small pets or young children at home that can easily dirty the walls.


Paint can chip and fade over time, and touching up, or even a fresh new coat is usually required after a few years. They are prone to scratches and cracks when hit or scraped. In areas where there are high traffic, the walls will likely have to be repainted even more frequently.

If is generally advised to use waterproof paint in rooms with higher moisture levels and humidity like the bathroom.

However, paints that are semi to high gloss are more durable and a good choice for affordable and simple use. They are typically found on door exteriors.




As wallpaper is expensive, you want to take extra care of where it’s placed for maximum usage. It is encouraged to fix your wallpaper in places that have minimal exposure to humidity, moisture and sunlight.

That means the locations near the windows, kitchen and toilets are out of the question, leaving you with limited options to place it.

An adhesive is usually used to apply the wallpaper, and this can actually cause peeling after some time, especially in humid conditions. That’s certainly something you wouldn’t want guests to raise their eyebrows at when they visit.


You can paint anywhere you want in your home, from the living room to your toilet and bomb shelter. You can also choose from different variations for different needs. No restrictions, limitations or troublesome considerations.




The varieties of wallpaper material come in two main types, vinyl and paper. Of course, the selection available for designs, patterns and shades are extensive.

Whether you want simple, plainer ones or bold and loud types, there’s always one to fit your requirements. There are also different textures for you to get.

Thanks to advancements in digital printing, made-to-order designs are more affordable today to increase your scope of choice.


There is a wide range of colours, sheens, finishes and glosses available in the market for you to choose from. You can select the one that best complements your interior design plans.

If you have a particular shade in mind that is not commonly offered, you can even mix it up by combining different colours together. Such customised paints are inexpensive as well and give you greater flexibility in getting that perfect hue of your dreams.

Even if you get your colour wrong, you can easily paint over it and rectify the mistake, unlike wallpaper which will need more effort and money.




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