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Benefits of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for You and Your Home

August 31, 2018



Benefits of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for You and Your Home

Handheld, cordless vacuum cleaners are trending all over now, but they’ve actually been around for some time. When you’re deciding on this important cleaning appliance, is it better to go cordless or not?


We share a few eye-catching benefits of this modern appliance with you below. Read on!


Easy Peasy

Instead of having to drag around a heavy weight with you around the house knocking things over, you now have a lightweight, portable, easy to use solution. Cordless vacuum cleaners are usually much lighter and versatile to use, giving you greater flexibility and access to carry around and clean.

Many brands in the market also come with a feature that allows you to interchangeably use a handheld vacuum to reach smaller spaces.

This means mobile cleaning anywhere you want, from the floors to your bed, small corners, curtains, and other higher, more difficult to reach areas. Every nook and cranny will be a breeze to clean. For larger areas, you can use the bigger cordless vacuum, and vice versa for smaller ones.


Quick Cleaning

Cordless vacuums are efficient. All you have to do is grab and go because of how a it is usually hung on wall mounts. This makes it a great appliance for quick cleaning like dealing with spilt crumbs or broken glass.

Forget dragging out your heavy corded vacuum from the storage, pulling at the cord and struggling to turn it on for every mess made.


No Corded Trouble

If you’re a regular corded vacuum user, you’ll understand the frustration and hassle of constantly being restricted by the cord length. How many times did you have to unplug and plug in the cord again to another electric socket because the wire just wasn’t long enough?

With cleaning being tiring enough, we all want the process to be as efficient and fuss-free as possible. We don’t want to be limited by the length of the cord nor do we want to always deal with messy cord wires all over the floor.

Using a cordless vacuum cleaner means none of these problems, cutting down unnecessary time and effort to speed up cleaning.


Multiple Uses

Why limit your vacuum cleaner to just your house? Unlike bulky vacuums, corded ones can be brought outside to clean your car, for example. Since they have great mobility, you can easily bring yours out to sweep your car often.

If you’re paying for something, make it worth every cent! This is something normal vacuums cannot achieve, making cordless vacuums a bang for your buck.


No Damage

Pulling your heavy corded vacuum cleaner everywhere on your pristine, expensive floors can cause scratches, dents or other abrasions. Would you want to run the risk of that happening, especially to new floors?

On the other hand, cordless vacuums are usually less abrasive and therefore better to be used on different surfaces. 

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