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Easy Home Organisation Hacks You’ll Love

August 1, 2018

Easy Home Organisation Hacks You’ll Love


When organising your stuff’s getting a little out of hand at home, try these simple hacks anyone can use! The trick is to make use of what you’ve got, or things you can get at affordable prices.


Raring to go? Here’s what you can do!


Use a Kitchen Trolley for Everything You Need

Need something to organise your clutter that’s always easily within reach? Check out this nifty trolley that has different levels for you to properly store your stuff.

It doesn’t just work well for your kitchen storage needs; it also does the trick to replace your bedside table or even to organise your baby’s nappies and essentials. Place your alarm clock, books, tissues, blankets, or virtually anything that you need on a daily basis inside it and enjoy the ease of access it offers.

You can get a sturdy piece from Ikea or even substitutes from Taobao!



Vanity Tips

To say that a lady’s vanity table can get a little messy would be an understatement. When you have bottles of perfume, makeup and haircare products, and 12,349 other things, it’s easy to forget where you kept that lipstick in shade 001 or your nail polish in your favourite terracotta shade.

We can get a little obsessed with colours, which is why many of us have endless bottles of nail polish sitting there in a clutter.



Cookie Monster

If you have any empty transparent cookie jars or bottles leftover from last night’s snack binge, clean and use them to store your polishes. Group similar colours together so you’ll be able to find the colour you want at a glance.

Here’s another tip: you can also use any spice rack to organise the polishes, or for anything else that makes you spend an eternity digging for in the morning!




Tier Tips

If space is not on your side, consider using a tiered cake tray for extra storage options. Not only are these trays delicately gorgeous, we’re pretty sure you don’t have birthdays everyday to use them for. Rather than storing and watching them collect dust, it’s a smarter move to use them in this way.

You can put your accessories, perfumes and other trinkets prettily on them!




Bean It

Why buy when you can DIY? Use a short flower base or empty cotton bud container, pour some beans of your choice (coffee, green, yellow, it’s up to you) in as a storage tool for your makeup brushes!


Command and Conquer

Your gigantic hair curler with the huge barrel, straightening iron and hairdryer can take up lots of space because of their bulkiness. Command hooks are strong solutions to solve this problem of finding spaces big enough to store them.

Simply attach the hooks to your cabinet door and hang your hair styling tools niftily there.


Clip Your Cords

Just bought a new loaf of bread? Before you chuck that colourful bread clip into the bin, think about how you can use it to differentiate the mess of wires and cords at your table.

We’ve all been through the frustration of trying to remember which cord’s meant for what purpose, and accidentally unplugging the wrong one. Well, not any more. Label these bread clips and attach them onto the different cords to organise and effectively tell you what’s what.







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