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3 Electrifying Ways to Save on Your Electricity Bill

July 19, 2018

3 Electrifying Ways to Save on Your Electricity Bill



When you own your first home, you have to deal with all sorts of bills that come with it as well. One major aspect is your electricity bill that can be costly depending on how much electricity you use every month.

With the government announcing imminent price hikes on our electricity bills, it’s more reason to look for ways and means to cut back.

Check out some methods you can adopt to do just that!



Go for Green and Energy Efficient Appliances

The different areas of your home like the bathroom and kitchen use up a significant amount of electricity. Imagine how much energy the amount of water, gas and frequent appliance usage adds up to every month.

When you’re shopping for your big-ticket appliances, be selective about your decisions. Choose those that are energy efficient or are eco-friendly. Some examples include refrigerators and air-conditioners with greater energy saving ticks as well as lower water-usage dishwashers and washing machines.

Although these appliances may cost more initially, they will prove their worth over time when you realise that your electricity bills are relatively low compared to the amount of electricity you use.

Certain appliances consume more electricity too, such as an induction hob. Induction hobs, although efficient, consume greater electricity than the traditional gas stoves.

So, although that sleek induction hob might look more modern and snazzy than its gas counterpart, think about the potential costs especially if you cook frequently.

Spend your money wisely on such items for your household and you will reap their benefits in time.




Be Diligent

How often do you catch yourself wasting electricity? Sometimes, a little effort and diligence is all it takes. Not using the room? Switch off the lights, fan and air-conditioner. Keep your water usage low and adhere to best practices to cut back on consumption.

In Singapore, it’s often hot and humid, but that doesn’t mean you should blast your air-conditioning 24/7. A single air-conditioner uses as much electricity hourly as 9 fans, so do consider it as an alternative when the weather isn’t as merciless.

However, if you find it difficult to always remember to turn off your appliances when not in use, you can get motion sensors as a solution. For example, motion sensor lights will automatically switch off when not in use. You can also use the timer function for your fans and air-conditioner to ensure that they run for only a specific amount of time only.


Maintain Your Appliances

Although spending money on maintaining your appliances like your air-conditioner may seem a waste now, it offers benefits over the long-run. A few hours every year spent cleaning, changing the filter and etcetera will help to keep your unit running at peak efficiency.

Don’t scrimp on such fees that go a long way in helping you to save on electricity costs.




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