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Renovation Hacks: Reduce Your Reno Bill with These Easy Steps

July 10, 2018

Renovation Hacks: Reduce Your Reno Bill with These Easy Steps


While we’ve been fed with terrifying stories about how some homeowners can land themselves in hot soup over excessive renovation costs, this doesn’t have to be the case for you.

Whether you’re a new homeowner or existing one wanting to give your abode a new look, here are some practical tips to reduce your expenses.




Don’t Replace, Refurbish

Don’t chuck everything into the bin just because they’re not new. If your wardrobe, table or other pieces of furniture can still be used, just give them some sprucing up to look completely new and pristine.

For example, you can choose to resurface your old dressing table like spray painting the knobs or giving it a fresh coat of paint. You can also reuse furniture that still has lots of life left from your old place if you’re buying a new home.

For resale flats, assess what can be kept instead of hacking or throwing everything the previous owners used away.




Vote for Vinyl

Your flooring can be an expensive part of your renovation. Depending on the material you choose, it will affect the ease of installation, use and costs both in the present and future. Therefore, it is important to compare the costs and practicality of different flooring types.

Vinyl is generally recommended if you want to reduce costs because it is easy to install and cheaper to buy as compared to granite and marble. The material is sturdy and labour costs will be kept to a minimum.

If you already have an existing flooring, look for ways to jazz it up like polishing it. Another cost-saving method is to get your flooring directly from the supplier itself and forgo the middleman. This amount saved can go up to the thousands with this approach.



Overlay is the Way

Instead of hacking, overlay. This saves much because you don’t have to spend on pricey labour associated with hacking away your tiles. In the case of vinyl flooring, this works out perfectly because they can be easily overlaid on top of your existing tiles.

It can also be carried out for wall tiles, provided if the current ones are sturdy enough!



Need or Want

Plush carpets are luxurious and make pretty statement pieces, but are they really necessary? Do you really need a 70-inch top of the line television for your living room, especially if it’s small? Is a smart home going to save you the same amount of time and effort taken to justify its price?

We all have wants and needs, but we need to be careful on what we spend on. Allocating money for your needs is undoubtedly more important than splashing all that cash on your wants. Most of the time, we can’t have both our cake and eat it if we want to cut back on the costs.




If your budget is tight, spend on the vital things that will truly help enhance your home in its functionality. Money used on getting quality furniture or fittings, for example, goes a long way rather than buying a $1,000 gaming chair. There is plenty of time for you to slowly tick off your list of wants after you move in.


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