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4 Super Sink Tips for Every Home

June 27, 2018

Given much thought to your bathroom sink yet?

If you haven’t, you should.

From vessel to pedestal and wall-mounted sinks, there are ample choices for you to choose from for your dream bathroom.


Rather than being just a piece of furniture in your bathroom, some thoughtful planning can broaden your bathroom sink’s uses. How can it elevate the entire appearance of your bathroom, or give you greater storage options and flexibility in a limited space?


Each sink option is suited to different needs and places in your house, like en suite, family-oriented or small bathrooms. Find out some key considerations you should have when selecting this highly functional necessity!



Overall Aesthetics

Bathroom sinks can look polished and stunning on their own, but you also have to consider how it blends in with your overall bathroom look. Does it also go well with your ideal bathroom design?

Some of us prefer to conceal our bathroom pipes because they can be aesthetically unpleasant to the eye and go for pedestal sinks. This kind of sink is a great choice if you want to cleverly hide any pipework between your sink and floor.





Certain types of sinks work wonders for creating more space. For example, wall-mounted sinks are great in making your space look bigger because they don’t contain storage cabinets below. This is a plus point for smaller bathrooms where space screams scarce.

Washplane sinks are another fancy option to keep the area simple and smart. The amount of space they take up is extremely little, freeing up lots of valuable space for you.



Storage Space

Any storage space is usually welcomed to make your bathroom look more organised and neater. Cabinets below your sink can hold a variety of things like necessities and other household products.

Because not all sink types have the same amount of storage space, or even one at all (like for pedestal and wall-mounted sinks), you have to weigh its importance over other factors.

This is so if you can only choose between one factor or the other. Consider your storage needs, if any, for your bathroom before making your decision.



Ease of Use

Thinking of going for a semi-recessed style? These sinks offer greater ease of use for the young and old because of the easy accessibility to the tap.

However, they can also be troublesome because water can easily seep and spill onto the floor since there is no countertop below to catch it. It may require frequent cleaning and prove dangerous for young children and the elderly as they can slip on puddles and fall.

Top mounted sinks are also more laborious to clean because spilt water cannot be collected into the sink. On the other hand, undermount sinks are a dream because one sweep is all you need to wipe any water from your countertop.





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