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3 Important Considerations to Tackle Your Tiles

May 29, 2018

3 Important Considerations to Tackle Your Tiles




For new home owners, the feeling of having a place to call your own is absolutely exhilarating. That’s why it’s important to go through the design process carefully for a satisfactory outcome. One major part to consider in your home interior design and renovation is how you want your floor tiles to turn out.

In today’s market, there are many choices available for your flooring. They include vinyl, ceramic, laminates, porcelain, marble tiles and more. 


Before you jump into choosing one, let’s run through some things to take note of for better decision-making.


Find out below!


1. Focus on Your Needs

Each type of flooring has its own pros and cons. For example, while vinyl tiles are popular for their affordability, water resistance and effortless installation, they tend to be easily scratched by sharp objects.


Another trending material, porcelain tiles are also suitable for areas like your kitchen and bathroom because of its low water absorption ability. They also make cleaning a breeze and can stand up to high foot traffic. However, the grout found with these tiles is infamous for making appearance upkeep difficult.


Knowing these, you have to select the one that best suits your needs. If you expect the flooring at home to have lots of traffic from pets or children, go for tougher, stronger materials.

You may also want to choose non-slip surfaces if you’re staying with children or the elderly, like those residing in 3-Gen flats. Certain materials also make cleaning easier, so remember to think about that as well.





2. Colour Considerations

Instead of picking colours that clash, choose appropriate ones that go along with the look, feel and even furniture in the house. If your walls are painted black, you don’t want to choose black tiles to go with them.


This is where you have to work out the design with your interior designer to decide on one that best suits every room. We recommend selecting lasting colours like neutral tones. Take note that dark coloured tiles can make spaces look smaller, and vice versa for light hues.


If you’re going for shiny marble tiles, factor in the issue of glossy materials showing dirt, marks and imperfections more clearly than others. You certainly won’t want guests to see them!





3. Count the Costs

If possible, be forward-thinking while noting the durability and design of your flooring. Although changing or modifying it in the future is not usually a problem, it’s best to make your tiles last as long as they can.


Tile renovations don’t come cheap. Should you want to re-renovate your home again, try to avoid spending another hefty fee on the floor and going through the trouble of retiling it.

Therefore, you should get tiles that can go with changing interior designs and which are more durable. Planning ahead helps reduce unnecessary problems and costs in the future!




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