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Designing Your Home for Comfortable Cleaning

May 23, 2018

Designing Your Home for Comfortable Cleaning   


When you’re planning your dream home, every little detail should be considered.

And unless you’re dedicating the cleaning to your domestic helpers, it’s always good to consider how easy (or difficult) your home will be to clean and maintain.


Check out some tips to design your future home for easy cleaning!


Flooring Matters

Your floor can be beautiful, but it can also get dirty fast. That’s a result of countless stepping throughout the day, which is a no-brainer.  

None of us like the feeling of stepping and feeling bits of dust and dirt stick onto our feet. You want to avoid having to mop and wash your floor every other day because it gets dirty faster than you can clean it.


Some of the better options to keep these unwanted particles away are going for vinyl, polished concrete or laminates. Not only do they look homey, they’re more dirt resistant and easier to clean as well. To step it up, remember to always wash your feet and try not to go into the house with dirty shoes.


Leave No Space Behind

In our sunny tropical island, it’s the perfect hot and humid habitat for dust to fly around and gather. Prevent dust from accumulating in corners and on your furniture.


Simply by giving them no chance to.

When designing your toilets, shelves, TV consoles and wardrobes for example, do your best to stretch them as close to the walls and ceilings as possible. There should not be gaps where dust can collect and hide. In small spaces, it’s also difficult to reach into and clean.

On windy days, keeping your windows closed also prevents dust from settling.

A clutter-free home also helps. There are many ways to stay dust-free with some effort and diligence, even after your home is complete.



Keep It Closed

As mentioned in our previous article, it’s recommended to opt for a closed-kitchen concept if cleanliness is your thing. By doing so, you keep the grease and oil within your kitchen space instead of the entire house.

To make cleaning up after a messy time cooking simpler, choose materials like laminate or granite for your kitchen backsplash. Scrubbing off stains and spills will be a more pleasant experience.

This rule also applies to your countertops. Go for materials that don’t have grout so it’s one less thing to clean. If it gets exposed to water often, grout can turn moldy quickly too!


Storage Solutions

Reduce the time needed to tidy your home with smart storage. Make storage compartments nearby the things you use often, like your utensils and baking tools.

Also, customised storage is a popular trend nowadays, so make full use of any opportunity you can to create such spaces. For example, you could get built-in storage for your drawers, cabinets, benches, underneath your bed – the possibilities are endless!




With some clever planning and design, keeping things away will be a breeze. In space-tight apartments, they’re also extremely useful to reduce clutter and mess.


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