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Pros and Cons of an Open Kitchen Concept

May 18, 2018

Homing into the Pros and Cons of an Open Kitchen Concept


The kitchen – a central space for many, the heart of a home. It’s the very place where cooking, interaction, and other activities take place in.


What’s your ideal kitchen design like?

Are you hopping onto the trend of new homeowners who favour the popular open kitchen concept? Or do you prefer to stick to the good old closed one instead?

If you’re undecided over whether to go for the former or latter, check out this article before you make your choice!




Pros of Having an Open Kitchen


Sizes up Your Space

Feel that your new home is too small for comfort? Does the kitchen seem too tiny for you to flaunt your culinary skills?

Not a problem with this concept.

Other than looking snazzy and modern, having an open-concept kitchen reduces the space constraints of the typical BTO unit. It makes your home look bigger and maximises space, especially in small units.

You also get more versatility when planning your interior design instead of being limited to a cramped space.



Kitchen islands aren’t just gorgeous and a dream come true for many - they’re very useful in many aspects as well. Not only can you install drawers and cupboards for much needed storage space, you can also use it as a dining table by adding chairs.

It could also serve as an extra space to put your groceries and purchases.


The sky’s the limit!



Cons of Having an Open Kitchen Concept


More Smells, More Cleaning

If you love cooking, the resulting smells, oil and grime can be a problem. They can stick to your freshly washed laundry, fill your air with an undesirable odour (such as after having a barbecue), and more.

Although you can minimise the effects with a powerful hood over your stove or doing light cooking instead of frying up a storm, chances are you’ll still have more cleaning to do. Over time, this can be an exasperating issue.


Airing Your Dirty Dishes

Since nothing is hiding that dirty mess on your countertop and the dirty dishes with flies buzzing over them, you probably won’t want guests over when they can be seen.



You may think that opting out saves you money, but it’s actually the opposite. That’s because such kitchens usually need lots of customised built-in storage for appliances like your refrigerators and ovens.

All the hacking, carpentry and other works can add up to a hefty sum of money. What’s more, it’ll also cost you and make it difficult to redesign your kitchen in the future.  



The Bottom Line

Whatever your decision, assess the positives and negatives and do your own research. It also depends on your preferences and lifestyle habits.

If hosting gatherings and throwing parties at home is your thing, an open-concept kitchen may be better. if you can’t stand for oil and grime and are a cleaning Nazi, go for a closed concept instead.  Sometimes, old may be gold.




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