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4 Ways to Glam Up Your Home on a Budget

May 14, 2018

4 Ways to Glam Up Your Home on a Budget


Picture yourself stepping into your dream home. Is it beautiful, polished, and something that looks really Pinterest-worthy? You’re not alone – many of us envision our private abode to be stunning and elegant.


However, majority also think that in order to achieve a grand, expensive look for the house, we need to fork out an equivalent sum of money to design, decorate and furnish it.

This might pose a problem because not all of us have fat renovation budgets. Luckily, with a few handy tips, you can watch your dream turn into reality even on a tight one.


Find out how!


Colour Choices

What colour you decide to paint your home can leave a huge impact on its entire look and feel. We recommend going for either end of the colour spectrum: bold, vivid tones or soft, muted shades.

These colours will help add immediate charm and boost any look. Although uncommon, some people even opt for black, be it on walls or doors for a mysterious, lavish impression.

If you’re unsure, you can always check with your interior designer, use online designing tools or test it out with some samples.





It’s All In The Details

When you cast a sweeping glance across the room, you might not instantly notice how small details come to play. However, it’s these little things that make all the difference. They could range from lush flowers on the table to carefully displayed pictures or artworks.

Details can also be applied to your furniture to instantly spruce up any piece. For example, you could add gold accents by spraying your knobs a beautiful rose gold.

Your sink or bathroom taps could adopt a matte or gold finish as well. A trend that continues its successful streak, marble tableware or accessories can add a touch of sophistication too!







Light Up Your Look

Instead of using simple and drab light fixtures, you can opt for unique, contemporary ones that don’t have to break the bank. Don’t limit your choices to Singapore’s shores – go across the Causeway to source for affordable deals. You could also search online where discounts are abundant or get beautiful picks off everyone’s favourite Taobao.com.

Remember to seek your designer’s advice and ask for any recommendations on possible deals. It also ensures that you’re on the right track with a trusted professional.


Keep Clean

Cluttered or clean? We’d pick the latter any day. You don’t need to be OCD about cleanliness, like being military-style strict about every speck of dust you see. Keeping your home free of messy clutter and tidy can contribute to its aesthetics.

Avoid hoarding and make sure things like your sofa pillows and tables don’t have stains or leftover food on them. This allows the things that matter to stand out, like your accessories and flooring. It also helps to ensure your furniture looks new and welcoming.







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