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Who is responsible for Ceiling Leaks?

July 18, 2017

Ever encounter ceiling leaks?

Ceiling leaks usually occur when water from the unit above seeps through the concrete slab and enter your unit through the ceiling. 

This is due to the wear and tear of the waterproofing membrane and this usually happens in an older unit.


Have you wondered who is responsible for it?


Leaks on the Topmost Floor

This is considered the common property and should be maintained by the Town Council. 


Leaks at Void Deck

Void Deck is the common property and maintained by the Town Council. However, for such leakage, the repair cost is shared between the Town Council as well as the unit above it. 


Leaks within the Block

Repair cost is usually shared between the Owners of the Upper Unit and Lower Unit. 



What are the Repair Methods?

Step 1:
Remove floor tiles, screed, and fixtures


Step 2:

Lay new waterproof screed layer


Step 3:

Reinstall floor tiles and fixtures





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