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Must read Feng Shui

April 24, 2017

Wood: Green, Brown.

Fire: Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink

Earth: Light Yellow, Sandy/Earthy, Light Brown

Metal: White, Gray

Water: Blue, Black




Living Room = Have plenty of natural light, try to have as much of natural light in your living room as possible.  Big Mirror and big window and no heavy curtain. Choose a Sofa with legs to promote Energy and Qi flow. Have a living plant in the living room. Add a water feature as it will promote the flow of positive energy.



Dining Room =Choose a oval or round dining table and avoid sharp corners. This encourage Qi and energy to flow and fill the area








Bedroom = Choose a bed frame with legs to promote open space and encourage energy flow. Avoid storage under the bed . Do not position your bed to face the door. Avoid mobile phone or other electronic devices in the room for better sleep.







Kitchen = Tidy kitchen, no cluttered area as it allows energy and qi to flow through. Have fresh and natural plants for positive energy.



Bathroom = To have earth element of items in the bathroom to balance the abundance of water element. Gold and brown colors are encouraged.



















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