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Things started when I wanted to build our own dream home - a sanctuary we call our own, a concept that is uniquely ours.

When I first received the keys to my own home, ideas started pouring in. What I want to decorate it with, how I want to colour it, how I want it to be the most comfortable space for those who visit and a home I look forward to returning every day.


Many shared with me that they love the space I live in - it was even featured on prints and media. So I thought why not turn my interests in designing homes and spaces into my job? A few years later, I ventured into helping others create their dream spaces to become reality and in 2014, I launched this designing studio.

At IDzigner Studio, we brainstorm ideas (creative and practical ones too) and recommendations to making it happen. My team and I work hand-in-hand with home owners to customise and style up a place they feel belong - an escape they call home.

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